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IMPORTANT - Do not add your name to the class action lawsuit vs the DNC, or promote it in any way.  We fear it may endanger your credentials!

How to get on the site.


We are posting individual funding pages for all National Bernie Delegates - and committee members - on the site.  Group fundraising or forming a committee this late in the game would cause hassle with the FEC.  If you create a Plumfund, GoFundMe or some kind of fundraising page that shows tracking toward a goal, and we can verify that you are a delegate from the list we have, or some other means, then your page will get posted on the site ASAP!


Here are a few suggestions for the content of your fundraising page: 
- A photo of yourself

- State clearly who you are, where you are from, and who you are supporting (Bernie Sanders)

- Include some info about yourself and why you decided to be a delegate.

- Note some of the work you've done for Bernie's Campaign


E-mail your fundraising page to


Join our network at


NO GROUP FUNDING - only individuals. Groups or multiple people funding together will not be listed unless you have FEC committee compliance on your link.

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