Begin by contributing funds to delegates from your state - or any state you like!  If that state is currently not listing any delegates who need help, please  check another state for Bernie delegates needing funding!  Thank you!



Comiensen al contribuir dinero a los delegados de su estado, o de cualquier estado que guste. Si su estado no tiene delegados que requieran ayuda por favor revise otro estado por Delegados de Bernie que necesiten su ayuda. Gracias!



Due dates refer to hotel fees and sometimes credential fees.  Each state is different.  Some, not all, are required to pay their hotel fees to the state and not the hotel.  While others can give a credit card to reserve but do not have to pay until there.  Credential fees are also different in each state. Ranging from $50 to $250 (which is the highest we've seen). While a very small amount of states have no credential fees.


This would be much easier if each state followed the same process but unfortunately they don't.


When you see past due on a state, this means that delegates have gone into to debt and have already paid for hotel. We still need to fund them. We've even seen some delegates who had to pull money out from their retirement fund early that then charges them a fee on top of it. We'd like to avoid this happening and help pay them back as best we can.

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