Help get these Bernie Delegates from Kentucky to the DNC Convention in Philadelphia!


"We'll keep fighting for a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice." - Bernie


Calvert, James

James still needs $1,700.00 to keep the revolution Berning!


Kupper, Maria

Maria still needs $108.00 to ensure our votes for Bernie count!


Madden, Kenny

Kenny still needs $509.00 to stand up to the 1%!


Thomasson, Janice

Janice still needs $1,579.00 to stand up to the 1%!


Wells, Jessica

Jessica still needs $624.00 to stand up to the 1%!


West, Kyle

Kyle still needs $428.00 to make our voices heard in Philly!


Westphal, Evan

Evan still needs $980.00 to represent our votes!




These delegates met their funding goals!


DeLacey, Charles: FUNDED!


Drake, Jacob: FUNDED!


Duque, Chris: FUNDED!


George, Dylan: FUNDED!


Grubbs, Constance: FUNDED!


Sanders, Jennifer: FUNDED!




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