Help get these Bernie Delegates from Maryland to the DNC Convention in Philadelphia!


"Every American over 18 must be automatically registered to vote so that young people can make their voices heard at the ballot box." - Bernie


Casarez, Gabe

Gabe still needs $445.00 to help Bernie!


Kaplan, Suzi

Suzi still needs $1,394.00 to represent YOU!


Taylor, Joan

Joan still needs $1,735.00 to help Bernie!


Ziegler, Kendra

Kendra still needs $1,492.00 to make our voices heard in Philly!




These delegates met their funding goals!


Falwell, Sandra: FUNDED!


Jackson, Amanda: FUNDED!


Landry, Elizabeth: FUNDED!


Ridley, Shy: FUNDED!


Smith-Brown, Keanuu: FUNDED!




Updated: 2016/08/03 10:19 ET - mmf
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