Help get these Bernie Delegates from Nevada to the DNC Convention in Philadelphia!


Ayuden a los Delegados de Bernie del estado de Nevada a que vayan a la convención demócrata en Philadelphia!


"Change comes when the people demand it — in the voting booth and on the streets in peaceful demonstrations." - Bernie


Catha, Paul

Paul still needs $725.00. Feel the Bern!


Cizauskas, Carol

Carol still needs $1,055.00 to make our voices heard in Philly!


Doucette, Alan

Alan still needs $1,338.00 to cover their trip to Philly!


Geesaman, Tacy

Tacy still needs $653.00 to represent our votes!


Geremia, John

John still needs $1,584.00 to ensure our votes for Bernie count!


Littman, Adam Stuart

Adam Stuart still needs $2,113.00 to put democracy into action!


Sacco, Joe

Joe still needs $1,408.00 to help Bernie!




These delegates met their funding goals!


Ahmad, Hawah: FUNDED!


Goff, Alexander: FUNDED!


Salt, Alexis: FUNDED!




Updated: 2016/08/03 10:40 ET - mmf
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