"Make no mistake: the billionaire class does not want young and working people to vote." -Bernie


Graham, Bonny

Bonny still needs $355.00 to help Bernie!


Mason, Kristen "Demeter"

Kristen "Demeter" still needs $455.00 to stand up to the 1%!


Mundy, Keith

Keith still needs $2,298.00 to cover their trip to Philly!




These delegates met their funding goals!


Boulger, Portia: FUNDED!


deBoutinkhar, Cynthia Cox: FUNDED!


Eacker, Susan: FUNDED!


Edwards, Jason: FUNDED!


Garwig, Ann: FUNDED!


Lange, Werner: FUNDED!


Makinde, Mayo: FUNDED!


Massey-Norton, Deb: FUNDED!


Parsons, Adam: FUNDED!


Rader, Tristan: FUNDED!


Ubaldo, Cindy Cox: FUNDED!




Updated: 2016/08/05 09:50 ET - skl
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