Puerto Rico


"Make no mistake: the billionaire class does not want young and working people to vote." -Bernie


Albert, Gabriele Michel Ros

Gabriele Michel Ros still needs $137.00 to represent our votes!


Gonzalez, Laura Mia

Laura Mia still needs $1,035.00 to keep the revolution Berning!


Molina, Lorraine Jones

Lorraine Jones still needs $245.00 to cover their trip to Philly!


Perez, Angel Velez

Angel Velez still needs $481.00. Feel the Bern!


Quinones, Crismelie

Crismelie still needs $769.00 to stand up to the 1%!


Rosa Cillo, Gina

Gina still needs $347.00 to represent YOU!


Southgate, David

David still needs $389.00 to help Bernie!


Tricotti, Eliot

Eliot still needs $1,186.00 to make our voices heard in Philly!




These delegates met their funding goals!


Colon, Jose Luis: FUNDED!


Medina, Viviana: FUNDED!


Ramos, Enivette: FUNDED!


Rivera, Manny: FUNDED!


Tchuda, Gendy: FUNDED!


Torres, Katja: FUNDED!


Yulian, Rafael: FUNDED!




Updated: 2016/08/05 09:43 ET - skl

Verify Puerto Rico Delegates with a PDF that is not linkable.  Contact us for more info!

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