UT Delegates Fighting for OUR Beehive State (bees are Democratic Socialists).


"I'm asking people across the nation to come together and organize an unprecedented grassroots movement." -Bernie


Hansen, Neil

Neil still needs $1,595.00 to put democracy into action!


Perez, Kevin

Kevin still needs $451.00. Feel the Bern!


Waters, Julianne

Julianne still needs $1,120.00 to keep the revolution Berning!


Wolthuis, Ashley

Ashley still needs $150.00 to represent YOU!




These delegates met their funding goals!


Agard, Bob: FUNDED!


Berg, David: FUNDED!


Edington, Louise: FUNDED!


Gallegos, Audrey: FUNDED!


Griffith, Jonny: FUNDED!


Hawes-Tingey, Sophia: FUNDED!


Lalone, Edward: FUNDED!


Mata, Oscar: FUNDED!


Matthews, Hyrum: FUNDED!


Moses, Brian: FUNDED!


Moses, Frida: FUNDED!


Mukherjee, Rahul: FUNDED!


Ross, Niklas: FUNDED!


Scott, Sarah: FUNDED!


Stelter, Jandalynn: FUNDED!


Stevens, Jillynn: FUNDED!


Stevenson, Marcus: FUNDED!


Thomas, Daisy: FUNDED!


Ul-Hasan, Noor: FUNDED!


Villegas Jr., Cristobal Mauricio: FUNDED!




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