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"We become stronger when black and white, Latino, Asian-American, Native American – all of us – stand together." -Bernie


Bynum, Ashley

Ashley still needs $1,000.00 to put democracy into action!


Eldarwish, Ayman

Ayman still needs $1,581.00 to keep the revolution Berning!


Sandeler, Michael

Michael still needs $1,000.00. Feel the Bern!




These delegates met their funding goals!


Auld, Patrick: FUNDED!


Auldridge, Nathan: FUNDED!


Bunch, Bill: FUNDED!


Collins, Audry: FUNDED!


Dodd, Laurie Tyler: FUNDED!


Hopkins, Kimberly: FUNDED!


Hulvey, Alex: FUNDED!


Kesling, William: FUNDED!


Klein, Sonia: FUNDED!


Leister, Jennifer: FUNDED!


Mohanty, Jini: FUNDED!


Pineo-Jensen, Shelley: FUNDED!


Saines, Koran T.: FUNDED!


Seaforest, Mara: FUNDED!


Spitz, Stephen: FUNDED!


Stanfield, Joshua: FUNDED!


Tucker, Anne "Kim": FUNDED!


Walker, Boyd: FUNDED!




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