Bernie's delegates from West Virginia are funded!

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These delegates have met their fundraising goals and will be representing voters at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia!


- Assadzandi, Shane: FUNDED!


- Chasengnou, Jessica: FUNDED!


- Conant, Kathryn: FUNDED!


- Gorman, Franz: FUNDED!


- Manthos, David: FUNDED!


- Mooney, Kachina: FUNDED!


- Pennington, Chris: FUNDED!


- Shrader, Sabrina: FUNDED!


- Stoller, Caressa: FUNDED!


- Thorn, Sue: FUNDED!


- Vickers, Selina: FUNDED!


- Ofsa, Robert (Robi): FUNDED!




Last Update:2016/07/23 18:16 Pacific - mmf

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