Frequently Asked Questions about funding Delegates

Why run to be a Delegate if you can't afford it?


Delegates were not made aware of the high costs of the trip before running.  The fact is that each Delegate has to pay for travel to and from Philadelphia, Hundreds of dollars per night in hotel fees, as well as food and other costs.


Shouldn't Delegates use AirBnB or CarpoolwithBernie or other such cost saving measures?


Well, Delegates are being told by the DNC that they need to stay in their assigned hotels to meet for 'breakfast' and get their credentials every morning.  Plus, not everyone (especially people from Hawaii) can drive in.  Also, with the massive amounts of protestors in the city, there is even more of a reason for Delegates to stay in their assigned hotels so that they might be able to get to the Convention on time.


Why no single donation fund for distributing to Delegates?  Can Bernie's campaign help?

Before creating this website, we did contact the Bernie Sanders campaign to ask them what we should do.  Initially, it was suggested to them that the Berner family would be very willing to make more donations to them, in order to get our delegates to Philly.  They did respond, and explained that if they got involved with trying to raise funds for delegates then it would complicate things with more FEC rules, guidelines, and paperwork - the same as trying to set up a committee to collect funds as a unit for distribution to delegates.  
In the time we have remaining, we determined the best option we have available is to have a website where vetted delegates can post their individual fundraising campaigns.  In this way, it is a grassroots effort to help Delegates overcome financial barriers or burdens in participating in the DNC Convention. 
Delegate fundraising guidelines from the FEC:


If I am not a US citizen or 'green card' holder, can I still fund Bernie Delegates?


No.  Unfortunately, delegates are under the same restrictions as political campaigns in this regard.  

For more info, check the FEC website here:


For more info on why we should help fund Delegates, please read this article!



As a delegate, if you have been stripped of your credentials for the Democratic National Convention, Election Justice USA has a team of attorneys who can help you fight this, but you have a limited window.  Please contact us at for the details.



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