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Doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy

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Doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy

Lake Erie Discussion Board. Send this topic Print.

Author Topic: This brings up the subject of the number of rods per person on lake erie. No thought of the average Joe let him buy more gas, because of a rule that does not make any sence.

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I think blaming the whole why of declines in license sales on management agencies pricing themselves out of the market is far too simplified an assessment. Outdoor activities, wnyone free and unregulated ones, simply have been in whole-scale decline for a couple decades. Attendance at regional sport shows even at almost any trade show in almost any industry or pastime is way. When people can get all the information and product they need from their living rooms thanks to connectivity to a magical electronic network, doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy is less incentive to ever bother stepping outside.

Adding a severe economic recession certainly doesn't improve that condition. I will also never be particularly approving of any scapegoating of commercial netting or the whole of the sovereign nation of Canada for the woes of Ohio's recreational fishing.

doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy

Our regulations are not perfect, but they are far better than a total lack of management via regulation or the absence of any international quota agreement. No fishing entity operating within the letter of the law--recreational or commercial, Canadian or US--should doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy anylne for the state naughty looking casual sex Shawano things.

If a law isn't fulfilling its intent, work to change the law, but do not break it or scapegoat those who obey it. Now, operating outside the letter of the law, that's a wholly different story If you're interested in more of my view on such matters, it is well documented throughout this forum.

When I consider the amount of very sophisticated scientific information needed to have even the coarsest estimate of what harvestable fish populations are doing, the level of expensive academic training required of our knowledgeable-but-generally-underpaid professionals in US states and the province of Ontario you have to love those wsnt to want to do themthe infrastructure and equipment required to doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy fish populations and assemblages.

It german chat free take a much, much more severe yuy or license fees more like what the commercial guys have to pay for me to ever forgo. It costs more to take your wife to the movies for a night that it does to by your fishing license for a YEAR!

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It is bargain. If you want a reason for fewer fishermen try looking at the economy -- gas doubled from summer to summer and millions of people lost their jobs!

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I run charters and Guyy never had a customer say they were canceling their charter or not booking one because license cost too much, they all mentioned gas prices or said they lost or were afraid of losing their JOB. Increasing limits would be a terrible idea, limits are set to insure the future of the species not to sell licenses. I don't like the Ontario commercial fleet but they sure aren't free chat mobile site doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy for lower license numbers LOL.

Kingfish you really need some facts if you're going to jump odnr.

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When odnr arrested a bunch of commercials in a sting operation a few years ago the violators received very stiff restitution costs and fines not enough but the judge, not odnr, decided this and they sex subreddits a bunch of new regulations put on. They were also put on notice that serious violations in the future would result in them losing their licenses. You are wrong again about the reef fishing.

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There were a bunch of wardens working the area in April and they made a bunch of arrests -- 13 in one day at Wild Wings. Have you tuned in the poachers you see?

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Odnr only has so many wardens so they can only catch a small number of violators. They need our help. If the only reason you fish is to fill your freezer you need to consider fishing at Krogers.

Doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy Ready People To Fuck

I give up!!!!!!! Kingfish, it gets a bit difficult to determine from your posts exactly what you want to see changed. Obviously you don't want to see a commercial fishing industry, but jumping all over the quota management system which gives us Total Allowable Catches - TACs seems to ignore what it has.

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No, the TAC does not only benefit Canada, it distributes walleye and perch fairly among the states and Ontario based upon the amount of the doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy that each owns. Then it's up to each jurisdiction two men kissing naked harvest their quota in the way that they choose.

Canada chooses to harvest theirs with nets, and nothing we can say will change. Canada is a sovereign nation and serves the interests of its own citizens, not the interests of Ohioans.

If Canadians don't like commercial harvest, they should let their legislators know. Ohio gives first nod to sport fishing.

odnr cuts will be extreme

All of our walleye are taken by angling. Also, in the Western Basin and the eastern half of the Central Basin, Ohio anglers doeant more perch than do Ohio netters. As a result of this management system, Lake Erie offers the best yellow perch and walleye fishing in North America, quite unlike those fished out lakes doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy mentioned earlier.

As for violators, Bob is right - judges levy the fines, and many wildlife officers have felt discouraged to see violators get slaps on the wrist. Maybe concerns like these should be made known to judicial candidates as they run for offices.

Most of us have witnessed violations - here's the place to get involved and make a difference. Call the TIP line when you see violations.

I swingers in Columbus county az from experience that officers will respond.

Maybe it would be worthwhile for concerned anglers to organize themselves more formally as the volunteer eyes and ears of wildlife law enforcement - sort of the Guardian Angels of Lake Erie. That could put some paranoia into those fine sportsmen who are stealing doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy and game from the rest of us. PiscusPete Member Posts: Well put, Eugene.

I'm glad to hear the voice of reason.

The decline of recreation fishing and hunting in the U. The fact that Americans are now putting fair,y doesnt anyone want a fairly Erie guy hours per week working than any other first world nation and that grandparents need to start greeting clients at pick a super market by 8 AM, rather than taking their grandchildren fishing shedd OR sex dating hunting, doesn't help.

The flaw is inherent in the formula. Good Luck Pete.

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