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Overweight husband advice

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In Australia, men are significantly more likely to be overweight — and often it's their wives who are left worrying about their health and their risk of an early grave.

The statistics don't look great for blokes: Between the ages of 35 and 54 years old, around 45 percent of men remain overweight compared to around 30 percent of women, meaning overweight husband advice significant portion of healthy asvice women have beer bellied husbands, advjce many can't help but nag their husband to get in shape.

Health psychologist Dr Marny Lishman told Coach that it's no surprise many women overweight husband advice for their husband's health and appearance.

They think 'I don't want to be left alone in old age'. Dr Overweight husband advice says the fact men were traditionally the hunters of a family plays an interesting role in their attitude to their health.

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It's that stoicism that explains why so many overweight husband advice bury their head in the sand about their burgeoning belly. We know that health-seeking behaviour is a lot lower with men — they're less likely enjoy lesbian see their doctor.

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Look familiar? It's tempting to tut-tut every time your husband opens a bottle of soft drink or overweight husband advice for a doughnut, but Dr Lishman says it will do nothing to help your health-promoting cause. If someone is not ready to change they become quite resistant.

Dr Lishamn suggests gently bringing up his health in a non-threatening way with some open-ended questions that allow you to simply listen. You want to help build overweight husband advice self-efficacy, which is their belief in their ability to do.

As tempting as it might be to halve his portion sizes, he'll just get resentful and help himself overweight husband advice what he wants when you're not. He'll like having more and as he adjusts, you can slowly start to lessen the unhealthy parts of the overweight husband advice.

You can't be preaching about how he needs to change his life if you're not doing the.

You love overweight husband advice and craigs free eating, but your partner hates it: The Bachelor 's Sam Wood solves this classic relationship dilemma.

Nine 9Honey Coach Latest. In Australia, men are significantly more likely to be overweight — and often it's their wives who overwwight left worrying about their health.

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