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Ugly girls who think they re hot Want Sexual Partners

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Ugly girls who think they re hot

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Right. 40 (eastern ct) age : 40s PLEASE SEND A OR I WILL NOT RESPOND SORRY TOO MANY BOTS AND WELL I am seeking for a strong normal financially and mentally stable.

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I work with a girl at my workplace and she thinks she is so pretty. The problem is she is not pretty.

She is as ugly as they come. This girl has a horseface with pimples and she has fat thighs and a big butt.

When Men Aren't As Good-Looking As They Think | Psychology Today

Uglg, her personality stinks. The only thing she has going is her big boobs. But yet, she brags to everybody at work about her beauty.

She tells everybody that she only dates tall guys, athletes, good looking guys with good hygiene. Even if she is pretty, I would still be irritated if she did all of.

I Want Sexual Dating Ugly girls who think they re hot

The fact that an ugly girl is doing this is driving me over the edge because I have to listen to this crap everyday. Has anyone experience girlls before? It doesn't have to be in the workplace. It could be in any situation or any place for that matter.

Big boobs do a lot for women's confidence. That's why they spend so much money on fake ones which more yirls than not SUCK! I used to work with a chick that loved to talk about how big her boobs. She was right, they were big.

Problem was her stomach extended out past her boobs. That was pretty fuckin gross. She was told she was a "princess" her whole life by her parents, so she thinks she is something special and a real life barbie doll!

Women these days want everything - they want to grils treated equally in society and still be treated like godessess and be pampered - you can't have it both ways! She was adult sex meet in denver colorado growing up but has let herself go, but she is naive to the world and she still thinks she has it going on. I know a couple of girls like this from HS - they were the popular ones who were told they were pretty throughout highschool and now they are ugly girls who think they re hot and cutting hair for a living and they think they have it going on.

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They used to get by on their looks - not no more! These are the some of the worst people on earth; ugly, loud, bi-aches with attitude!

I know a couple of these girls. Nothing better than the chick that peaked in H.

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Simple biology. Being hard to get is common among females in the animal kingdom. However males are different and seek to maximize mating with as many females as possible. Originally Posted by kaponofor3: Psychological defense mechanism, RockDog. Nothing more, nothing.

Urban Dictionary: uglyhot

Exactly Kap! I have seen this with both men and women for the record. Originally Posted by TacoBellaire: Guarantee u a couple of black guys fucked her now she thinks shes god. They will say anything to get laid and they love those fat white leftovers.

I worked at this factory as temp for a summer job when i was going to school I work with a gal who has male friends who she goes out with once in a. Many of them basically say, "I don't care how fat or how ugly ge is I'm going to get laid tonight.

General Discussion - Why do ugly girls think they are pretty?

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Check it out for. Why do ugly girls think they are pretty? Rockdog PM Rockdog Joined: Jul Aug Nov Jan Mar Be respectful but act like you don't give a girsl and couldn't care.

They will come like moths to a light. Take back that social power. Apr Oct Feb May Same story. I worked with a girl who was fat and sweat and smelled awful but had huge boobs and thought she was queen of the world.

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And a lot of the attractive flatter chested girls in the office envied her!!! I was amazed.

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Boobs apparently don't just affect guys. She may be real insecure and trying to over-compensate for.

I will make this as short as possible. Dec Fat girl are good for one thing only giving s. Desktop View: Switch to Mobile View. All Rights Reserved.

there's tons of hot girls but we got uglies too, especially in these rural .. Ugly girls think they're worth more than they are so they aim higher. Having some men think a girl is ugly can actually work in a woman's favor. . you' re hot, the next best thing for them to think is that you're ugly. Author: [General Discussion] Topic: Why do ugly girls think they are and with those stats she has deluded herself into thinking she is hot.

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Ugly girls who think they re hot I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters

PM Rockdog Joined: Jul Posts: PM Messier Joined: Aug Posts: Drunk guys at bar time don't have high standards. PM MarkDogg Joined: Nov Posts: Jan Posts: Stay away from these types, BOTH men and women. PM BigBaby11 Joined: Mar Posts: Worship them like gods.

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Many women think just because they have 2 tits and thinl gash they are something special. PM Syddigs Joined: Apr Posts: That will get her laid 99 times out of and with those stats she has deluded herself into thinking she is hot when all she is is a big boobed person. PM Ktrain Joined: Oct Posts: PM mojo Joined: PM kaponofor3 Joined: Feb Posts: PM PokinSmot Joined: PM Joined: PM ht Ugly girls who think they re hot May Posts: PM mooose24 Joined: